TOP 10 Budget Savvy Wedding Ideas

1.  Invest in what’s most important, spend where its most visible not in the details easily missed. For example, invest in your décor and perhaps save on the cake and wedding favors.
2.  Cake or no cake? Consider doing donuts, pies or mini desserts. Also, if you still want wedding cake, perhaps go to a bakery such as Whole Foods, The Fresh Market or Publix and get 3 separate cakes and display them on beautiful platters.  One more—fake it a little– by having a cake display with only the top layer as the real cake (for the bride & groom to cut) and the rest can be a display cake. You can also purchase a large sheet cake (to be kept in the back) from a local grocery store and have the staff serve it to your guests.

3.  Flowers don’t have to be real. You can mix both real & fake flowers (and no one would know) and be smart, pick flowers that are in season or even some from your own garden. You can also order in bulk from stores such as Sam’s Club or Costco.  One more– pick local hydrangeas and dry them (they will last forever) and choose a color (or 2) & spray paint them. Perfecto!

    Consider making your own flower bouquets or having non floral decor it’s not that difficult to create and it will save you some money. 

4.  Shop smartly for your decor. Sometimes you can find cheaper options when you buy rather then rent.  Don’t buy from “wedding” suppliers look at other websites such as Amazon or party supplies etc. you just might find what you’re looking for at a bargain price! Also- THINK ABOUT YOUR COLOR SCHEME… especially if you have champagne taste on a beer budget. Colors can cheapen or place value on your entire wedding look. 
5.  Don’t get married on a Saturday. Fridays or Sunday’s are becoming a hot trend. Also, consider the month and the season you are getting married in. For example four hot months are May, June, September & October. Also, fell free to shop around for price quotes and see if you venue will match other prices.
6.  Simplify the alcohol & food.  Beer & wine is more than fine. More alcohol = more spending. You can also offer champagne for your guests and a cash bar. This is a great way to save but still offer something to your guests, and perhaps keep the crazy to the minimum! When it comes to food, keep it basic. One wheat item, 2 vegetables & 2 meats. Look for local restaurants to cater.  Buffets are always the cheaper option. You can also go to Sam’s and supply your own appetizers during cocktail hour. Or consider doing a morning wedding with brunch to follow or an afternoon wedding with a light lunch or hors d’oeuvres. 
7.  DIY is not always cheaper. People often think that all DIY projects are money savers. This is not always the case. Often, after you purchase all the supplies, the little details and all the the time it takes for your project (not to mention stress) the amount spent could very well be the same. It really depends on the project, on what is doable and what make sense for your big day. And keep in mind the results, not everything you see on Pinterest looks the same when you do it yourself!


8.  Be your own DJ. Create your own playlist and hire an emcee (someone to announce what’s going on) or ask a friend to do it. Just keep in mind good timelines (for example 1hr for your guests to eat etc.). You will then be able to choose sentimental songs or songs that you and your husband-to-be will enjoy. 
9.  Find a venue that isn’t a “fixer upper”. Often brides find a “cheap” space that may not be all that attractive and think that they can “redecorate it” and make it stunning. Sometimes, you can but often you end up spending a lot more than planned and you compromised on your venue.
10. Don’t Over-do or Overspend. Try to always be aware of the budget. Don’t buy something unless you need it. Often Brides get caught up in idea’s and they find something that they “might use” or “could use” and don’t. Or the item(s) become just extra things that are not needed. Be conscious of your wedding dress budget and shop sales, off-the-rack styles or even consignment. Also, when you are shopping be mindful of alterations, which can rack up quickly. Sometimes getting the dress you want and spending a little more will turn out the same as compromising on your dress and putting in the difference when you’re in alterations. Try to borrow some decorations from close friends who have already tied the knot. If you can, try to borrow other accessories such as your veil, jewelry or other accessories to finish your look. Every little thing helps. Often, less is more. Try your best to not over-do. Especially if decorating is not you knack. It’s better to be tasteful & simple then having too much going on. 


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