Let’s talk Silhouette
PEAR-SHAPE (if you have curvy hips)
APPLE (If you have an ample besom & waistline)
HOURGLASS (if you are proportioned)
PENCIL (If you have minimal curves)
PETITE (if you are petite in frame, torso & height)
The ball gown is and will always be a classic. For the bride that longs to feel like a princess, to have that magical fairytale like experience, a ball gown will provide it. There are so many variations of ball gowns, some that are very fluffy and full while others have a lot less volume 
 but the same look. This is a great shape for most body types.

APPLE SHAPE  If you don’t have a narrow waist or have a full bust be mindful of where the waistline is located. If it’s too short then all the attention will be directed to you bust line. Make sure the waistline is defined.

PETITE: Be aware of the waist line also. I would encourage you if you’re petite to stay away from drop waist or an over long waistline which can make you appear short. Remember, the longer the skirt, the longer the legs, the taller you will look.
This silhouette is a great way of achieving some fullness without the volume. Most brides who want to have a sense of boho or ethereal fairy feel opt for this type for flowy A-line gown. There are some very formal looks with this silhouette but most are fairly soft in their approach. This is a great shape for most body types.
PEAR-SHAPE be careful when choosing this gown, you want to make sure that the cutoff point is not located directly at your hip which can accentuate that area. With this silhouette make sure it has a defined waist and a great flow at the waist. You also don’t want too much tulle to gather at your waist so there isn’t an appearance of added fullness.
This is a tricky silhouette due to the restrictions that this type of gown has. This is however, the most comfortable, silky and relaxed fit. This silhouette follows your shape without hugging any particular area. This is a great dress for someone who has an hourglass figure. Often people think that you have to be slim to pull this shape off but that is not necessarily true. The main components needed to most flatter is someone who has an a shape to fill out the bust, waist & hips.
FULLERWOMEN  be careful when choosing a dress like this as it does not have a great deal of support. Usually the fabric can be unforgiving. If you are a busty woman pay extra attention to the support, you may need to purchase an appropriate undergarment.
 APPLE SHAPE  If you have a shape that doesn’t have a natural waist then be mindful. This dress could fall in all the right places or it can also extenuate the areas you may not want to bring attention to.
PEAR SHAPE- I think when it comes to choosing this silhouette just make sure that there is something at the top to bring balance to your shape.
PENCIL- This silhouette can easily make one look straight so you must be very careful there is some indenture at your hips, or your waist. You can also choose a dress that has in interesting neckline, such as a low”V” or a very open back which can help add the appearance of more fullness.

This silhouette works best with petite women, giving then the appearance of length, this is also a wonderful silhouette for someone who doesn’t have much shape because if camouflages really well. This can also work well with an apple shape.


This is often a silhouette that is overlooked…. It’s either in the a-line category or in the fit-n-flare, but it really just fall in between. I love this silhouette because it’s flattering on almost every body shape. And truly, it’s the best of both worlds and great for the bride who is torn between wanting the feel of a ball gown and the curve hugging appeal of a more fitted silhouette.


With this body hugging silhouette it’s all about fit. With the right fit, this shape is flattering on every body type. The appeal of the fit-n-flare gown is that the bride usually feels most feminine in this type of silhouette. It shows her curves yet it’s still stays elegant, romantic and bridal.
APPLE SHAPE – Make sure that you get a gown that has a solid corset so that you can tighten around the waist and if you are busty that it gives you solid support. Another very important key is to make sure that your how has a solid flare so it brings balance to your upper body and creates a beautiful shape. This also applies to a PENCIL SHAPE.
PETITE SHAPE – The most important thing to look out for in this style dress is making sure the cut off between the bodice & the skirt is not too long. The best option is choosing a mermaid cut that comes up mid thigh in the front to elongate you. This silhouette is wonderful for the petite bride because I will never swallow her frame.


Enjoy the search, be inspired xx